miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2015

GO + (gerund)


Go + Gerund List

go boating (the activity of travelling in a small boat on a lake or river for enjoyment - e.g. We’re going boating on the lake today.)
go sailing
go bowling
go scuba diving
go bungee jumping
go shopping
go camping
go sightseeing
go canoeing
go skateboarding
go climbing
go skating
go dancing
go skiing
go fishing
go skinny-dipping (swimming without any clothes on)
go hiking
go skydiving
go horseback riding
go sledding
go hunting
go snorkeling
go jogging
go snowboarding
go kayaking
go mountain climbing
go surfing
go paragliding
go trekking
go parasailing
go water skiing
go rollerblading
go window shopping
go running
go windsurfing

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