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BURGLARsomeone who gets into buildings illegally and steals things/ someone who enters a building illegally in order to steal things ladrón, -ona ADJ. professional | cat (= a burglar who climbs up the outside of buildings)
THIEF: someone who steals things ladrón, -ona e.g. a car thief/ The thief stole a valuable painting from the museumADJ. would-be The alarm is usually sufficient to deter a would-be thief. | common, petty | professional | casual, opportunist | car, jewel, etc.
ROBBER: 1. someone who stealsladrón, -ona E.G. a bank robber/ someone who takes money or property illegally, often by using threats or violence ADJ. armed, masked | bank, train | grave, tomb

MUGGERa person who attacks people in order to steal their moneysomeone who attacks people in public places and steals their moneyjewellery, or other possessions
atracador, -ora
PIRATE: 1. a person who attacks and robs ships at sea pirata                          e.g. Their ship was attacked by pirates/ (also adjective) a pirate ship.                               2. a person who does something without legal right, eg publishes someone else’swork as his own or broadcasts without a licence pirata e.g. a pirate radio-station.

VANDALS:a person who purposely and pointlessly damages or destroys public buildings or other property vándalo e.g. Vandals have damaged the telephone box.

VOCABULARY. -Student: Marta Nieto -Teacher: Consuelo -School year: 4ºA. - ppt video online download

VOCABULARY. -Student: Marta Nieto -Teacher: Consuelo -School year: 4ºA. - ppt video online download