domingo, 27 de marzo de 2016

'Travel' as a noun and its collocations

travel noun 
air, bus, car, coach, rail, sea, train | 
foreign, international, overseas, world Foreign travel never really appealed to him until he retired.
long-distance | 
business | 
leisure | 
cheap, concessionary, free | 
first-class | 
high-speed | 
return | 
frequent The job involves frequent travel.
space, time 

agency, business, company, firm, industry | 
arrangements, plans | 
allowance, costs, expenses | 
insurance | 
document, documentation | 
itinerary | 
time The new bypass will reduce travel time to the airport.
sickness | 
book, brochure, guide, writer

~ from, ~ to The price includes return rail travel from London Victoria to Dover. 

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