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Asking questions DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY


There are two main ways of asking questions -
directly and indirectly. Both have the same
meaning but we use indirect questions when
we want to be more politemore formal or
less confrontational.
We can ask a direct question - Where is Brighton Pier? 
Or to be more formal or polite, we can ask 
an indirect question - I wonder if you could 
tell me where Brighton Pier is?

Word Order

When we create indirect questions, the question
(What time is it?) becomes part of a longer sentence
or questions (Do you know.?) and the word order
changes from the order of a direct question.
For example:
Direct: What time is it?
Indirect: Do you know what time it is?
Direct: Why was he late?
Indirect: Can you tell me why he was late?
Direct: What is that?
Indirect: Would you mind telling me what that is?

Using 'do'

When there is no auxiliary verb (be, do have,
 can, will etc) in a sentence, we need to put in
dodoes or did when we create a direct question.
When we make this into an indirect question 
however, we don't use the verb 'do'. For example:
Direct: When does the lesson end?
Indirect: Could you tell me when the lesson ends?
Direct: What car does she drive?
Indirect: Can you tell me what car she drives?
Direct: How did you make that cake?
Indirect: Would you mind telling me how you made
 that cake?

Using 'if' or 'whether':

If there is no question word (who, what, when, 
why, how) in a direct question, we need to use 
if or whether in the indirect question. 
For example: 
Direct: Did she make it on time?
Indirect: Can you tell me if she made it on time? or
Can you tell me whether she made it on time?
Direct: Is this the right bus for Oxford Street?
Indirect: Do you have any idea if this is the right 
bus for Oxford Street?
Direct: Is she French?
Indirect: Do you know whether she is French (or not)? 


a pier: a large platform which sticks out into the 
sea and which people can walk along 
poxy (informal): rubbish, not good
a spot: a place

What's the difference between Indirect Questions and Reported Questions? 

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